Launching October 12, 2024 at The MPEC Convention Center Wichita Falls, TX, Hypercon After Dark answers the call for a theatrical evening that offers Wichita Falls an amazing unforgettable after party. Themed for daring voyeurism, Hypercon After Dark is quite literally a flower that blooms in the night.

DJ Jon will be the headliner to grace the stage. Blurring the lines between an intimate club, concert, and non-stop entertainment venue, Hypercon After Dark will usher in a new destination nightlife scene with Jon at the forefront in an exclusive costume party.

Hypercon After Dark is the uniquely inspired vision of our amazing producer: an interactive night out with some of the areas fun and sexiest comicconians in an intimate setting where anything can happen and no two parties are the same. Hypercon After Dark is the late-night after party – it will be an experience currently unmatched in Wichita Falls, TX that unlocks a new evening out that is elevated, transformative, but most of all, fun. 

Promising an evening that never has to end, Hypercon After Dark will be filled with non-stop entertainment including a top DJ, an incredible cast of performers and cosplay characters.

The party will open at 7pm, and will kick off with Dj Jon where he will perform tracks from Pop, EDM, and array of many other genres”

The spirit of Hypercon After Dark is one of pure, authentic fun. It’s all about the space where the intimate and universal come together. The creative team has designed an environment where people can get up and dance, and revel in the night.

The space itself brings to life an immersive themed room design, centered around fantasy,

Capping at 550 people, it’s a venue to come out and lean in. The prevailing theme of Hypercon After Dark is evocative of veils and mystery, of come-to-play, and dress-to-express. an atmosphere where guests can truly connect.

Tickets for Hypercon After Darks are available for purchase via the button link below.

No weapons of any kind allowed, No outside food and drinks allowed, Must be 21 years of age or older with valid state ID to enter (ex. drivers license), No Fighting, No sexual harassment, No disorderly conduct, No drugs of any kind, No ecigs or vape, No smoking           

This after party is a great way for our nonprofit organization to raise additional funds for Hypercon and all our other events we do each and every year.