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Frequently Asked Questions

Please read our FAQ before sending us a message.

No, you can not get a refund of any kind for any reason. You agreed to this when you registered. Please read our policies.

No, we are not the same group that puts on the conventions in the Sikes Senter Mall. We are the group that put on Animania at the MPEC in 2017-2018

Yes, the MPEC has wifi available.

Yes, as long as you still have your wristband on securely, no tears or tape.

Yes, there will be security throughout the event. And the convention room will be locked up after hours.

No, the MPEC has a strict no food or drink policy. The concession stand will be open, there are a few vending machines, and water fountains.

Yes, you may bring your camera, but please be considerate and ask to take photos of people.

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