Hypercon has had many different panels over the years and they are all chock full of fun and information. If you would like to host a panel at Hypercon please fill out the form below.

All panels are included with your Hypercon ticket purchase.

We have panels on a wide arrange of subjects including but not limited to Cosplaying, Voice Acting, Drawing, Becoming a Convention Artist, Dating Games, Trivia Games, Music, Comedy, Dance, Service Animals, and so much more. Every year we add different panels, and some years panels are a continuation from the year before.

Be a part of one of the amazing panels either as a host or an attendee. Join in on the fun!

Panel Submission Rules and Guidelines

  • Must be 16 or older to submit and hold a panel
  • Must be considerate of others, attendees and other panel holders
  • No rude comments or fighting with attendees
  • By submitting a panel application you agree to all the rules
  • Submitting a pane application does not guarantee that you will be holding a panel at Hypercon
  • You will be contact via the email in your sign up form if you are selected to host a panel at Hypercon. Please do not send us multiple emails asking about your panel application, we do receive all applications.
  • If your panel is selected you will be notified 1 month out from the event date
  • You will receive one pass to Hypercon for yourself and other panel members to Hypercon if your panel is selected
  • Only up to 4 Panel Members on 1 panel allowed
  • By submitting a panel you agree to all Hypercon Policies
  • You agree that photographs and or video taken during panels may be used by Hypercon for future events and promotional videos.


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